When a small child discovers a rock or a shell, to them it is a treasure.  At one time, we all had those treasures.  Incorporation of natural found objects into sculptures is my way of highlighting that concept.  Choosing objects and developing forms that speak with that object is what I am drawn to. 


My current exploration includes the use of negative space as a frame for natural forms. Beginning with a closed form I make decisions about the shape and size of that form and how it will relate to the object I have chosen in a way that is complimentary to both the object and the overall sculpture.  Often using negative spaces, I consider placement of an opening and how it will interact and impact the work and how the object will be presented in the space.


I am drawn to things that might be under appreciated in a society that is obsessed with technology.  People spend too much valuable time with their faces in cell phones and computers.  My work is a reminder to look for the beauty that is right there in front of them, in the real world.